We provide full service representation to the MCA industry, including collections, bankruptcy, litigation, contracts and securities. We’ve secured a landmark victory for the MCA industry in bankruptcy court obtaining a ruling that MCAs are not fraudulent or preferential transfers that must be returned. The firm has obtained numerous reported decisions in New York courts favorable to the MCA industry. The firm prepares contracts that make it as efficient as possible for funders to enforce their rights in the event of a default. The firm also provides funders with guidance on legal compliance, including securities and opinion letters.


Be prepared for all possible corporate legal situations, including corporate formation, business transactions, labor and employment issues, and litigation and other forms of dispute resolution.


Standardize project delivery, avoid schedule delays and damages by focusing on maximizing the value of your construction projects with expert legal guidance.

Real Estate

We provide landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers with expert legal advice and guidance for real estate transactions and dispute resolution.


We provide expert guidance that addresses advances in technology that has propagated new laws related to privacy, information, internet, commerce and intellectual property.

Diamonds & Jewelry

We provide deep understanding of issues that regularly arise out of the jewelry and diamond industry such as obtaining security interest in debtor’s’ properties, maximizing collections, and structuring transactions to run smoothly.


We counsel clients on all aspects of advertising and marketing law and regulatory requirements; from simple agreements to complex contracts, federal and state statutes, and government regulations.


We provide legal advice and services to Brokers enabling them to focus on the buying and selling process.